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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

2019 Storm Chasing Tours Extreme Chase Tours

 If you have ever had an interest in going on an extreme vacation, why not go on one of our 2019 storm chasing tours?

Our Storm Chasing Tours are 6 to 10 days in length and we have a 90% tornado success rate. We also offer Severe Weather Photography Tours and we were the first to offer these types of tours in 1999. The Extreme Chase Tours team are highly experienced decorated meteorologists and real storm chasers who are truly severe weather experts. This experience and the intimate personal one on one attention that we give to each one of our storm chasing tours guests is what sets us apart from ALL other storm chasing tour companies. We pride ourselves on being THE MOST PERSONAL and THE MOST AFFORDABLE in the industry. You simply won't find another Tornado Tours company that offers our intimate and personal setting during your storm chasing vacation! Owner, Lanny Dean, started the very first personal Storm Chasing Vacations company in 1999 with a true belief that quality was much better than quantity. That motto has become our mission statement, and it's still how we run our Storm Chasing Tours to this day. 

We now have just a few limited open seats available for the 2019 season. If you are interested in going on the vacation of a lifetime, please check out our website for more information and storm chasing tour dates.
As always, unlike many other tour companies, we are always here for you should you have any questions or need anything. Please feel free to call us directly @ 918-859-0248 and we'd be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you might have.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Storm Chasing Tours Mayehm 4 2019 Booked Full

To update my las post, we have booked the two seats we had open on our Mayhem 4 2019 Storm Chasing Tour. Currently we only have 3 seats open on our Mayhem 1 Tour - all other Tours are now booked full.
If you are interested in going on a storm chasing vacation in 2019, please check out our website for dates and pricing.

Thanks everyone!


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Storm Chasing Tours: Extreme Chase Tours Mayhem 4 Tour Open Seats

As of 10/13/2018 due to a reschedule, we now have 2 seats available on our Mayhem 4 Tour 2019.
Our Mayhem 4 Tour is by far our most popular Storm Chasing Tour and provides our guests a variety of different severe weather and tornadoes. Roughly 80% of the 533 tornadoes I have documented over the last 28 years have come during this time frame! Hence why it is our most popular tour and why both seats will sell quickly.

A little bit about us for those that don't know....I started Extreme Chase Tours back in 1999 part time and finally went full time season in 2007/2008 with such demand.

Now we have guests that fly in from all over the world to witness Mother Nature do her thing and produce severe weather and tornadoes.

We were the first storm chasing tour company to offer personal one on one storm chasing vacations and tornado tours, not to mention, photography tours in the later part of the season,
and after 28 years of helping others live their dream of witnessing tornadoes and monster supercells and severe weather, we have still hold on to the core belief that we started with.

Unlike most other tour companies, we truly spend one on one time with each one of our guests - this is why we have a 77% guest return rate and a 90% tornado success rate. Our storm chasing adventure tours are different from any other tour company. From the first contact with us to long after your tour is over - we continue to educate and help you and we've made many, many life long friends from the tours. And we hope you will join us!

If you are interesting in going on a storm chasing vacation with the most affordable and most personal for the experience of a lifetime, we'd love to have you with us in 2019!

Please fee to contact us via email or even directly @ 918-859-0248 We are always here for you to answer questions or any concerns that you might have. Check out the link to our website directly below for additional information.

Thanks so much -

Lanny Dean - Owner
Extreme Chase Tours LLC

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Storm Chasing Tours Almost Sold Out & Hurricane Michael

I want to start off by saying thank you to all of our storm chasing tours guests. We have nearly booked full for the 2019 season already and, have many folks already booked for the 2020 chase season. I couldn’t do it without my guests and their support - so thank you! It looks to be an exciting time for Extreme Chase Tours and we are blessed to be able to share our passion and love for severe weather with everyone. That said, for those that have been following me or Extrwme Chase Tours on social media, you know by now that we indeed have a “sleeper”  hurricane that has formed into a major Cat4 hurricane as I write this. Winds are currently sustained at 130+mph and gusting to over 140mph. Currently Hurricane Michael is targeting the panhandle of Florida. I have been doing updates on all social media platforms with updated video and content.

I encourage those in these areas to please take mandatory evacuation orders seriously. This could be a storm that won’t soon be forgotten.


Monday, October 1, 2018

Extreme Chase Tours Storm Chasing Tours On Brut

Had the wonderful opportunity to do a quick story regarding the storm chasing tours for BrutAmerica. Short video link below, please feel free to watch and share.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Extreme Chase Tours Storm Chasing Tours Almost Full SAVE $100!!!

As of this date 9/2/2018 Extreme Chase Tours Storm Chasing Tours is almost booked full!
We have very limited seating -  having just a few seats left open on our early and latter tours. So if you are interested in going on a storm chasing vacation for the experience of  a lifetime, please hurry and reserve your tour seat today before we book full and save $100!!
You can see what tours and seats are still available at

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Extreme Chase Tours Storm Chasing Tours Website

Been a little while since I have posted due to finishing up the 2018 storm chasing tours. Now on to the 2019 Storm Chasing Tours!

I have made a few changes to the website recently, changing some backend things and trying to “clean it up” up a little. Even that has proven difficult due to the ongoing weather we have had locally    Such as the Diggins, MO tornado which I documented and all the rain and severe weather.

That said, currently we have some very limited seating on many of our Storm Chasing Vacations Tours. And is usual, it looks as though Extreme Chase Tours will book all seats full soon. So if you are intersted in going on the most affordable Storm Chasing Tour and personal Tornado Tour in Tornado Alley, now is THE TIME TO RESERVE your seats.  I have posted a short video below of just a few of our guests from this season and just a few tornadoes and awe inspiring storm structure shots that we documented. It was a wonderful year and I’d like to personally that all of our tour guests for choosing us to make their storm chasing dreams come true. Some folks had never seen a tonado or even a real severe storm or supercell. To see their eyes light up and smiles on their faces was truly why I do what I do. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

As we now focus on getting back to our real jobs and real lives - some of us like me, are still immersed in the weather. For example, I shoot and report weather for some of the major networks. And as such, I am keeping my eye on the current situation with hurricane Lane which is now a CAT5 hurricane with sustained winds at around 160+ mph!

Yes this year has indeed been a strange year...we didn’t get the kind of numbers of tornadoes that we usually get in the continual US but we (Extreme Chase Tours) managed to see a tornado on every tour we had. Which is something I am proud of. But I wonder what this hurricane season into the fall and finally the winter season will bring? Questions to be seen for sure.

As far as 2019, the ossicaltions seem on par with having a decent year but Ma Nature plays by her own rules so who knows. What I do know is that we WILL be storm chasing and trying to document tornadoes for our guests no matter what.

We’d love to have you join us for one of our 2019 Storm Chasing Tours & Tornado Tours, so if you are intersted, please feel free to check out our website @
Or feel free to give me a call & 918-859-0248. I am ALWAYS available to you either via email or directly by phone as well.

A small sample of just some of the video we shot this season below. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much -Lanny

Friday, August 10, 2018


If you haven’t heard, Extreme Chase Tours is leading the Storm Chasing Tours industry again! We will now be the first to have our very own mobile radar unit!
Now you may be asking yourself what does this mean if you are intersted in taking a storm chasing vacation.
Well, the answer is simple - we will be able to see what ALL THE OTHER TORNADO TOUR COMPANIES can’t when it comes to severe weather and Possiblw tornadoes.

With this latest technology, we will be able to see with very fine detail what a storm is doing which will help us determine if we believe it will produce a tornado or. It. We are changing the face and the game  of Storm Chasing Tours by utilizing the latest technology with our experience. In fact, with well over 100 years experience between our entire team and well over 600 tornadoes, we know how to get you the results you have paid for.

To be a little more technical, we will have the ONLY mobile radar unit in the storm chasing industy which helps your odds of seeing a tornado. So not only are we the most affordable and most personal - we are also the first (again) with providing you this latest technology while on tour with us.

If you are interested in going on the most personal and affordable Storm Chasing Vacation in 2019, we’d love to have you come with us on one of our Storm Chasing Tours - The Expeince OF A Lifetime!

Please feel free to check out our website at for all information about us, our technology, and addionial information.

All storm tours will be based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma for your convince, PLEASE NOTE we are filling up pretty quickly, as is usual. So don’t wait - hurry and book your tour today and receive a $100 discount!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Extreme Chase Tours Storm Chasing Tours 2019 Schedule and Price And Update on Our Technology

While it has been a while since I last put up a blog post, I thought I would update everyone that the Extreme Chase Tours 2019 Storm Chasing Tours Schedule is up on the website with full dates and pricing. As is usual, we already have limited seating on some tours, so if you are interested, please hurry and reserve your seat today. Feel free to check out the updated website at

I also wanted to update everyone that Extreme Chase Tours will now be THE ONLY tour company in the storm chasing tours industry to have real time mobile dual pol Doppler radar on our vehicle! What does this mean for our guests? It means that unlike all other tour companies, Extreme Chase Tours will have the ability to use our very own radar and not have to use just internet based software to receive tornado watches or warnings. In short, it means we have a higher percentage of getting you a tornado than any other storm chasing tour company period. And it means we can keep you safer!

We hope you'll join us on one of our 2019 storm chasing tours and tornado chasing tours!

If you have any questions, please fee free t contact Lanny via email or directly @ 918-859-0248

Monday, March 12, 2018

How To Receive Severe And Tornado Warnings

Been super busy with engineering the electronics for #PACRITEX 2018 Tornado Research Mission, so I have not had a chance to blog much. But with severe weather season basically almost upon us, I thought I might write a quick blog post regarding receiving severe weather warnings.

So how do you receive weather warnings and watches? This would include severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings? Many folks still rely on the outdated outdoor siren - but I can tell you first hand that there are many issues with receiving tornado warnings this way. I'll not go into detail (but supposes you were in a part of your house and couldn't hear that siren? See where I a going with this?)

The BEST way to receive any kid of life threatening warning is via an NOAA weather radio. Yes, you can monitoe your local media outlets, but what happens if you lose power and do not have a back up battery radio? TheNOAA weather radio will alert you to all of the latest info at your fingertips and it uses the SAME technology. We utilize a NOAA weather radio in every one of our Storm Chasing Tour Vehicles for Extreme Chase Tours while on tour - and of course, we also have one at our home as well.

Speaking of the Tornado Chasing Tours, we have been running a $200 discount special which is still current. If you are interested in going on the most personal and the most affordable storm chasing tour and Tornado Tours Vacations, we would love to have you come storm chase with us this season.
Many of our tours are booked full but we still have some limited seating and day tours that are available to you. So if interested, please check out our website and see what storm tours are still open, and then hurry and reserve your seat today! I'll put the link to Extreme Chase Tours below.

As severe weather season ramps up, please don't neglect getting an NOAA radio - it could very well save your life or that of your family!

To see more about our storm chasing tours and how to become storm chaser or go on a tornado chasing tour, please check out our website link below: 

And if you are interested in science and our current in-situ tornado project, please check out for more info.