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Saturday, July 29, 2017

A NEW KIND OF VACATION? Storm Chasing Tours Vacations?

Forget the cruise style vacations. Forget the long driving into the mountains type vacation. Hell, forget even for a moment about going to Grandma and Grandpa's house for vacation.

We are talking about going on a Storm Chasing Tours Vacation.....the kind of vacation where you drive all across "Tornado Alley" and search foe the elusive tornado. Sound exciting? Read on.....

Storm Chasing Tour guest, Lori, taking a "Tornado Selfie" in front of an f EF-4 Tornado
Happy Storm Chasing Tour guests with Extreme Chase Tours
Storm Chasing Tours are almost a religious experience in a way - once you are in front of a 50,000ft supercell that is producing a tornado, it kind of puts thing into perspective in the great big world we live in. And that's just one part of it. Of course there any many different people who chose to go storm chasing every year and some even make a habit out of going on a Storm chasing Vacation. For them, this is their vacation - and the icing on the cake of their vacation is the tornado and supercell/severe weather. While there are many different storm chasing tour companies out there to chose from, there is only one company that is truly personal. The kind of personal that checks your hotel room every evening after the chase before you check in. The kind of personal that teaches you about severe weather, radar, storm structure, how to read radar while you are looking at the storm structure and answers any questions you might have. I'm talking about our company - Extreme Chase Tours LLC

Biased? Of course I am biased, but that's because the personal attention given and mentioned above is factual. As a small business owner (a small tour owner who believes in quality versus quantity like all the big tour companies) I believe in the a personal one on one approach with education and aiding in the warning process while we are chasing. It is how I started chasing and after 26 years and 516 tornadoes later - it is how I continue to chase and operate my business.

If you are looking for a vacation adventure of a lifetime, one that is filled with excitement, fun and education then I would encourage you to take a look at going on a storm chasing vacation instead of the normal cruise or trip out west in 2018.

I started the business in 1999 and went full time seasonal in 2007 due to the high demand. Storm Chasing is and has been in the mainstream for years, pretty much since the movie Twister came out.
But storm chasing isn't like Twister.....sometimes there is much more REAL excitement, and other times, there is not. But the two things that makes going on a storm tour vacation different is the lifelong friends you will make and the memories that last a lifetime!

If this sounds like a vacation you might be interested in feel free to watch the video below to get a taste of what our storm chasing tours are like....and then hurry and reserve your seat today!

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