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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Where To Find Cheap Vacation Packages?

Where To Find Cheap Vacation Packages? 

Well that is certainly a fair question, especially with gas prices on the rise again and less people traveling or going on road trips for their yearly vacations.
So as a Tour owner myself, I thought I would write my next blog post about cheap vacations and where to find them. But there is a short list that you should probably go over before you make any decision as to the word "cheap".

  1. Where do you want to go to vacation?
  2. What kind of vacation are you looking at? Surfing, Going to Grandma's house? Going to Vegas? Going to the mountains for the family getaway?
  3. And finally, what does "cheap" mean to you? As in how much are you willing to spend on this vacation?
Those three questions are wonderful starting points - they will help you outline the where, when, why, and how much. And most importantly, they will help you decide what "cheap" really means to you and what you can afford.

If you are at all interested in weather, tornadoes and everything Mother Nature has to offer, have you ever thought of taking a Storm Chasing Vacation? No, I'm not talking about the type of storm chasing vacation that has 2-3 vans crammed full of people and they herd you around like cattle. I am referring to a smaller type. The kind that allows no more than 4 people per vehicle and one where everyone will have a window seat. The kind of storm chasing tour vacation that does allow minors age 12 and up to go (as long as they are accompanied by a parent or adult).

Yes, that's the kind I am talking about in the picture above - a true family vacation with a personal touch!

As a small business owner of Extreme Chase Tours we offer these smaller type tours that are the most personal and, as you are looking for, Cheap. In fact, we are the cheapest Storm Chasing Tours company in the industry. Period. Not trying to toot our own horn or anything, but do your homework and you will see for yourself.

So if you are looking at where to book vacation packages, that are cheap, feel free to check out going on a Storm Chasing Vacation. You will no doubt make some wonderful lifelong memories but you will go home with some awesome crazy picture and videos like the one below:


And that's just the start! So when thinking and planning for 2018s vacation, Check us out and let us know if you are interested. All information and pricing is listed on the website as well as our tour dates. But you must reserve your seats as early as possible because we do book full very early every for the following year. How about giving a Storm Chasing Tour Vacation a try - it's an adventure of a lifetime!

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