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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Storm Chasing Tours and Storm Chasing Vacations?

That's right, and are now one Storm Chasing and Tornado Chasing Tours company! Owned and operated by 26 year storm chasing veteran, Lanny Dean. For those that might be interested but don't know about Lanny or Extreme Chase Tours this blog post will hopefully shed some light on the companies and on Lanny.

Lanny Dean is a native Okie and lives just west of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is the CEO, owner and operator of Extreme Chase Tours and Storm Chasing Vacations. He is also the lead Tour guide. Lanny is a 26 year storm chasing veteran and one of the best storm chasing tour guides in the business. You may have seen Lanny on the hit show "Tornado Hunters" that aired on TruTV. He has appeared on many various local and national networks including: The Weather Channel, Storm Stories, CNN, ABC, Good Morning America, TLC, The Discovery Channel, MSNBC, NBC, RealTV, Inside Edition, Fox News and many other media outlets as well as many local markets throughout the United States and around the world. Lanny is also a former member of The Outlaw Chasers and he has witnessed and filmed 516 tornadoes & 12 major hurricanes to date. Lanny was awarded "Storm Chaser Of The Year" in 2005 and 2007 for his coverage of the Greensburg, KS EF-5 tornado. He is the only current storm chasing tour owner/operator to hold that award. Lanny holds a B.S. in Electronic Telecommunications Engineering with some undergrad work in Atmospheric science. He spent many years working in the media receiving many awards for his photojournalism, photography and reporting, including an Emmy nomination for his weather reporting. Lanny has been working on a scientific project recording acoustic data in and around supercells and tornadoes and recently had an opportunity to work with the late Mr. Tim Samaras. He also worked for KJRH Channel 2 in Tulsa as their Severe Weather Reporter and Photographer, prior to KJRH, Lanny worked at KAKE-TV Channel 10 in Wichita, KS as their Severe Weather Reporter and Photographer. While working in the media Lanny also won several SPJ (Society Of Professional Journalist) awards as well as being recognized by the Oklahoma Association Of Broadcasters and The Kansas Association Of Broadcasters for his weather reporting and photography. In 2012 and 2013 Lanny and Extreme Chase Tours won Best Of Small Business Tulsa award in travel and tourism. Lanny is trained in meteorology, is a true Severe Storm Expert and is one of the best weather forecasters chasing today.

Storm Chasing Tours & Vacations

In 1999 Owner and 26 year tornado chasing tours veteran and tour operator, Lanny Dean, had a dream - he wanted to share his knowledge, love and passion of severe weather and tornadoes with the general public by offering private affordable storm chasing tours and weather adventure tours in tornado alley. Later that year the concept of giving true personal Storm & Tornado Chasing Tours was realized and he opened up the doors to Extreme Chase Tours. Since that time our concept hasn't changed. For the last 18 years Extreme Chase Tours has made it our mission statement and goal to give quality storm chasing tours and tornado tours versus quantity. A concept that we refuse to waiver from! We refuse to load up and cram two or three 15 seat passenger vans full with our clients like many other tour companies do - leaving little to no interaction with the Storm Tour Guide or driver. To us, this is counterproductive to all group tours as many of the folks in the rear of the van cannot communicate or even hear or see what is happening. We truly believe in quality VS quantity!  We were the first storm chasing tour company to offer a smaller quality tours, with personal one on one interaction and education with ALL of our storm chasing guests. In 2005 and 2007 owner, Lanny Dean, was the first storm chaser ever to receive the prestigious "Storm Chaser of the Year" award given by IPEXCEL. Extreme Chase Tours was the first to offer personal severe weather photography tours, and we were the first storm chasing tour company to win The Best Of Tulsa Small Business Award in Tours category in 2012 and 2013!  Many folks talk about being first - we WERE the first to offer these services. Our tornado chasing tours are designed with our guests and clients in mind, from the first interaction with us, to your departure day - we strive and work for our guests! Come see why Extreme Chase Tours has a 77% guest return rate and why we were voted storm chasers of the year! Get ready for the storm chasing tour adventure of a lifetime!

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