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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Next Real Weather system? And Soccer here we come!

A little Snow? Maybe? Current hourly RUC data has forecasted well with the placement of the cold front and it seems as tough that we *might* see a little snow in and around the Tulsa/northeast OK areas early this morning. Probably nothing more than a few flakes or even a very light dusting. But what caught my eye was simulated snow totals off the "next" system sometime around the 13Th or so. The simulated graphic below seems to paint about 3-6 inches over my CWA during that time which prompted me to really go over some of the other long range models....
Just going over latest 00z long range to medium range model runs including the simulated graphic above and it would appear that our next *true* weather system will be working its way from the Caprock into western ans central Oklahoma near the 13Th time frame (of course this is if the Euro is to be believed) GFS is hinting at some light snow accumulations for my CWA during this time frame so its something that I will keep my eye on. Long ways out and so much can happen....hard to tell right now, but something to watch closely. I know we need more moisture, I just don't want to deal with the cold!
For those that do not know already, Andy's funeral service is this Saturday at 10am in his hometown and many, many chasers will be attending including Chad and I if we can figure out the logistics and if I can get off for work. Right now it looks like if we can go, we will probably leave very early Friday Morning which is gonna be a long hard drive for many but certainly worth it to pay due respects. Not much more that I want to say about that.
And finally, Saturday was soccer sign up for the kids for the spring season so we are slowly making plans and trying to deal with the logistics due to the fact that my Son and daughter will not be able to play on the same team.....this is gonna be hell trying to get them to games on time, especially if the at different locations at the same time. Oh the joys having kids playing sports!
Will try to update the blog as we get closer to the next storm system ---hopefully it will not real bad. Just think, 2 1/2 months and we are in full severe weather just can't seem to come quick enough!

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