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Sunday, January 30, 2011


The above graphic are snow totals through Tuesday evening from the NWS in Springfield, MO
Most of the talk the last week has been centered around our next upcoming storm system that will affect the central and southern plains into the midwest starting Monday night going through Tuesday night/Wed. morning. Just like everybody else I have looked at the models over and over with every new run that comes in. There is a difference between the NAM model and the GFS model with regards to placement and the track of this next storm system but all models agree that there WILL BE A MAJOR WINTER STORM that will affect the central/southern plains and midwest part of the country.

As can be seen above via the GFS weather model, the forecasted snow totals from Oklahoma, southeastern Kansas into southern Missouri are close to the 12inch range with some higher amounts possible. These higher amounts look to be right along and north of the Interstate 44 from OKC to Tulsa to Springfield MO and even to St. Louis.

Of course this is a major worry for travel along I44 as I suspect that there will be road closings due to the amount of snow as well as the high winds the area will experience. As seen below winds are going to be pretty strong with gusts in the 20-40 mph range which will cause blowing and drifting of snow as well as possible white out conditions. On the backside of this storm system temperatures are expected and forecasted to drop well below freezing and wind chills will be in the very dangerous negative range.

If you live in these areas it is encouraged that you review your winter safety plans and avoid travel during this time frame if possible. Pay attention to local media and again, try not to travel if you do not have to.
This winter storm has the possibility to be crippling and deadly if people do not take precautions. After talking to Mr. Jim Sellars and looking at the local forecasts it looks like we should start seeing some type of precip start falling as early as tomorrow night (Monday night) and then all the way through Tuesday evening. The big question is how much ice/freezing rain we could see. Obviously the more freezing rain we see before the changeover the worse it may be with power outages due to the very strong wind gusts. Of course the current path of this system could shift a little and as little as a 50-100 mile difference could make the difference between receiving heavy snow and possible major sleet.

Again, for those that live in these areas please pay attention to your local media outlets and forecasts.

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