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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not Much....

Pretty calm in the weather world as of late, in fact no real drama issues right now that I know of. Of course I have been trying to lay low and stay away from it for the most part with the hopes that I don't get wrapped up into anything. Seems to me that this time last year Mr. Doug Kiesling himself was giving birth to a horse becuase he had different thoughts about what I needed to do with my video. Wow....I will leave that one alone for now, after all, it's been a year and after the spanking he took it's all good.

Not much really going on with the weather either at least locally until we get closer to Christmas and then it looks like a possible winter mix for southern Kansas and most of Missouri Christmas evening. Below is the graphic issues from the NWSFO is Wichita, KS and their thoughts on the "possible" situation.

I usually do not put much faith in some of the model output during wintertime and or winter events. I simply don't becuase many times the model is wrong on the projected forecast track of the storm system or even the strength of the particular system.
Winter forecasting is much harder to do for everybody becuase of issues like these.
Hopefully it will not get real bad and everybody can make it "home" for Christmas.
Other than that, Not Much going on.....

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