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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A few Pics, Nothing Much.

"Light Painting"

Got back home from the tours finally and decided to play around with the D90a little...took a few shots while I was "painting with light" of a few various things around the house.

Really not the best pictures at all but I did enjoy taking them and had some fun. I am really liking the Nikon D90. I was not real sure if I would like it when I first purchased it but after spending some time with it it is a great camera. I love the picture profiles and the live view and face detection system work very well. Not real happy with the video quality but then again this is a DSLR not a camcorder. For video needs I am still using the Full HD 1080i Canon as it works very well for what I need and do. Main problem with the video from the D90 is the "rolling shutter" effect. But again, I do not use it for video so it is not a problem for me.
For those that might be searching for a mid range camera take a look at the Nikon D90. It is certainly worthy and has a great track record.
I plan on spending some much needed time with my family but I am going to try and shoot more pics and try to do some more painting with light as I really like the shadows and all the things you can do with it. Seems as though there is no real end to light painting!

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