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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Top Weather Blogs Award? HOT, HOT & HOT

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Got some news that my blog site,(this bog site) Tornado Hunter had won an award for one of the Top Weather Blogs 2010. Although I am not sure exactly how this happened or the in and out of the nomination process but I find it interesting and I guess a thank you should go out to whomever nominated my blog. Thank you whoever did it.

As most of you know this time of year I slowly withdraw from the weather world to spend more time with my family doing all the family stuff. This usually goes until around October 1 when deer season, specifically Bow season starts....during this time frame I usually do not get much time to update the blog or even run my forecasts twice a day, so don't be surprised if I don't seem to update this regularly.

Looks like we will be dealing with very hot temps through this week and are currently back under an excessive heat warning...below I have posted a graphic from NWSFO in Tulsa that shows the current temps as well as a map of the current dew point. Yes, that is a 75 degree dewpoint right on top of where I live just west of Tulsa and with temps close to 100 degrees this will make it feel like 105-110 with the heat index! If you have any outside activities or are going to do anything outside drink plenty of water!!! Low temps don't look to get below 70-75 degrees so we will not have much of a "cool down" in the evenings. I hate hot weather like this.

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