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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chase Tour hit by tornado, South Dakota mess up, Josh Wurman, Sean Casey's ignorant ways and more!

Looks like I have not updated my blog in some real excuses except that I have been very busy with the tours and trying to put family time in between chasing/tours. We have had one heck of a year already with filming somwhere around 20 tornadoes thus far and the tours have been good. Finally got a chance to meet Mr. Jason Boggs back on the 22 of April during the Allanreed TX event and what a great time we had! Thanks to him for shooting some of those great pics!
It has been a crazy season for some, most particularly those who almost got eaten by the tornadoes in south Dakota. Many of those chasers I know personally and would consider them friends, others I would not. But friends or not, I understand how they made the mistake because I have done the very same thing. Much respect should go out to those that were honest about the situation and what exactly happened. It no doubt would have been much easier to tell a different story.
Now on to other issues......

A chase tour took a direct hit from a tornado back on the 10th of May with some of their guests getting cut up and injured. Not much to say about it that I have not already said on Storm Track. feel free to look that thread up for more of my thoughts on the matter.

Josh Wurman, you remind me of that spoiled little kid who when they do not get their way, cry and piss and moan until they do. You complain about other chasers who chase for money or glory and not science but yet it was you who ran with Discovery the 3 years prior to the start of V2. I am more than aware of the contracts you held with Discovery and it would be a safe statement to say that you gained greatly financially off of those shows. In the past I held your opinion very highly but as of late you seem to do nothing more for me than make me want to bend you over and spank you as if you were a little child. Get over yourself already and grow up.

Sean Casey, your just ignorant. It is really simple actually....great video of you passing cars in a no passing zone, up hills with no way to tell if someone is coming or not and I really don't care if your "front" vehicle is in constant contact with you or not. One day you are going to get someone killed or yourself killed....I think old Uncle Chuck has a nice catch phrase for this.....Darwinism

Now thats off my chest....I fianlly got a chance to put some video together of the Hennessey tornado (see below) This was a very cool event for us becuase we were able to help one of our guests see his first tornado and becuase we didn't get caught up in any of the chaser convergence and stupid actions like I have mentioned above. Thanks to Mr. Chad Berryhill and Jill Gilardi for an amzing trip and running the guys did a heck of a job!
Looks like I have to make a trip to Boston early next week and I plan on taking the D90 and see what kind of pictures I can get. Should I get some nice ones I will try to post them here when I get back.

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