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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few days of severe?

I am not going to post a bunch of maps or outlooks from the SPC partly becuase I am a little lazy right now and busy with work. Suffice it say that later today (Thursday) actually looks interesting for severe in western/central Oklahoma. Latest model (GFS) run is painting a nice dryline over south central KS and western OK and some decent CAPE values through that area by 00z later today. Looked like we had some pretty good mid-level temps 8-9c @ 700mb and I am a little worried about the CAP strength and if it can be broken. Moisture return did not look like much of an issue to me depending on what model of choice you looked at, but it appears we should see dew points close to 60 degrees or even a little higher.
This should spark off a few isolated cells that should promote decent structure at the very least. There is a possibility of a tornado or two especially if a lone cell can bust the CAP.

I plan on playing later today if I can break free early enough. My attention then turns to Friday as that looks to be "the day"
With "real" upper level support a little closer it seems as though we could see a pretty good severe weather day in the works on Friday.

Took my daughter fishing the other day and got some good pictures of her as she caught a really nice bass....I plan on posting those pics as I get time. Looks like spring has sprung and I am very excited....I hate winter and this one was no exception. Fishing season is upon us and I plan on taking my daughter (my fishing buddy) as much as I possibly can.

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