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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My harvest 2009, and more news!!!

What a deer season!!! So far I have harvested 2 bucks this season, a 6 pointer and an 8 pointer, both of which I shot with my bow. Other news....With not much going on in the weather world (except a bunch of drama) I have been somewhat bored as I usually am this time of year. As such, I have been on the net going over past data, storms, storm video and generally anything storm related. This morning I ran across an interesting article regarding night time tornadoes (see link below)

I actually skimmed over the article early this week but didn't really take time to read it until this morning. Seems as though the guys in Norman AKA The Storm Prediction Center, in conjunction with local NWSFO are going to be issuing "new" public weather outlooks. The article is not detailed enough and does not give a real outline but the main issue is nighttime tornadoes. Of course we all know the dangers a tornado at night can pose (some of those risks are mentioned) but it also really pushes the idea of getting a NOAA radio. Kudos to NOAA for a decent article and for the push which probably could not have come at a better time IMO.



Hey Lanny! I'm ready for some deer chili!!

Anonymous said...

As U.S Gov lies many venison eaters will die from CWD/Mad Deer Disease (Prions)

We should learn from mad cow in Britain. That was absolutely botched in the early 1990s by the public-health community. I believe we have a really dangerous situation here. And it's been botched from the beginning."

Prion diseases are so awful and the proteins so unpredictable that scientists take extraordinary precautions against infection when studying them in the lab. Patrick Bosque, a neurologist at the University of Colorado in Denver, studied prions in hamsters and mice, which do not appear to be transmissible to people. Yet he routinely wore disposable gloves, shoe covers and a gown, and avoided carrying his lab notebook or other potentially contaminated material out of the lab. Whenever he conducted a procedure that might spray or splash prions, he worked in a special hood to shield his face and upper arms. "Then you're going to tell me I'm going to eat deer?" Bosque asked. "I definitely would not eat deer I thought had been infected."

"Wisconsin, with its huge deer population -- nearly half a million were killed last year by hunters -- is a potent breeding ground for infection. "

Karma will get you all!