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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nothing really!

Not much to really blog about as of late, the weather is dead, since I got my second buck hunting is dead and so this blog has been dead as a result. I have logged in a few times and attempted to find something to blog about but really not much going on or at least not much to speak of.
Jeff Smith and I have been discussing another possible Tulsa chaser fest but of course that's still up in the air as well.
Been spending some quality time with my family and even got a chance to take my Son hunting! We did not see anything but I certainly had a great time with him. Our morning started out sitting on a hill overlooking a large pond, with the warm weather I figured that the deer would come into drink a few times before moving from their bedding area to feed.
Brandon and I did not see anything deer wise but we were certainly treated to a cool display of hunting from a Sand Hill Crane. He or She, I am not sure which, decided to do some fishing right in front of us. The crane flew in about 30 yards away from us and then slowly and with much grace made its way out towards the middle of the pond. At this point we could see the fish starting to really move and then all of a sudden the crane stuck it's head down into the water and came back up with a very large sunfish. It was really a cool sight to see and made me wish I had brought my camera or vid cam. Certainly a memory I wont forget and one that I hope my Son will never forget!

The reason for not bringing my camera along on this trip is due to my last post...I have sold my D80. I have been wanting to upgrade to the D90 or even the the D300 for a long while now and so I decided just to do it already. I will probably go with the D90 simply because I already have the battery grip, spare battery and a few lenses including my favorite lens, my Nikkor 50mm 1.8. Not sure when I will get it but I will post some pics when I do!!!
That's pretty much all that is going on in my world right now.....cannot wait till chase's gonna be a long one!

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