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Friday, October 2, 2009


After taking much heat about my last blog and my recent post on ST, I decided I would explain myself and the reasons I feel the way I do.
First of all, in my opinion, Stormtrack has officially gone to hell. What used to be a forum that I enjoyed reading and even participating in some, has turned into nothing more than a socialist forum run by the very people that some of us used to look up to.
Back in the day, I enjoyed reading the new posts, seeing various pics and following the day to day happenings from various chasers during any given chase season.
For me, it was pure enlightenment and helped to curb my "itch" when I could not get out there and chase....I could always read the mag or, after the "online version" stop by ST online and get my fix so to speak. Not anymore.

The latest debacle caused such an uproar that the "mods" tried cleaning house a little and decided to ban/suspend 7 or 8 people. Some of those people are named chasers and have no doubt given much contributions to the storm chasing world. There were also many infractions handed out and as is usual the basic threats of banning were sent out by the "mods" as well as Mr. Tim V. himself.

Of course as is usual for my part, I questioned the "authority" and blatant ignorance of those who handed out said punishments. Not surprising, my thoughts were met with heat, some of which came from a select few of newbies as well as a few veteran chasers. with that said,
I am reminded that true ignorance does not discriminate against even those who may be educated!!!

As of date, I have not been back on ST and certainly do not plan on going back for some time.
This is not a hard decision for me right now due to the fact that deer season has begun and I will no doubt be spending more and more time in the woods with my slow annual retreat from the weather world.
Hopefully it will give me a little break from the day to day stupid stuff like ST. In the meantime, I have joined another weather forum and will be posting and sharing my thoughts there as opposed to ST.


Mike said...

Good riddance! I hope you don't come back to Stormtrack. Attitudes like yours are not necessary in the storm chasing world.


Mike said...

One last comment. I see that you deleted several comments from your last blog posting. I respectfully challenge you not to be hypocritical and "moderate" comments on your blog. Doing so is laughable at best since you dog others for moderating your comments on Stormtrack.

If you're going to talk the talk, then man up.


Lanny said...

Mike, you certainly make a valid point regarding moderation although, all members of ST are required to give there full names and info. I deleted said comments because much like your 2 posts, none of them gave names(real names)
or info.
I have no problem keeping posts as they stand as long as there is an identity with it.
And for the record, I did not dog anyone for moderating posts....what I had a problem with was the kicking and banning for said posts.