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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jon - Kate Plus 8 = no show = douchebag

First of all, Yes, real men do watch these kinds of shows.
Second, for those that are interested and watch this show as I do, It looks like there are some major changes that have happened just recently. One of those changes is that the show "Jon And Kate Plus Ei8ht" is no longer on air.
There are many issues first off...the very day that TLC announced that the name of the show would be changing to "Kate Plus Eight" and would focus more on Kate raising the kids as a single mother, Jon's attorney sent a notice to cease filming of the kids. In it he said that Jon felt that the show was detrimental to his children. Funny it wasn't so detrimental on Fri. when they were filming WITH Jon. Sounds a little fishy huh? Second douchebag act is to clear out the joint checking account to the tune of $230,000!!!! Leaving the mother of his children no means to make money and no nest egg to take care of them with. All of this on the heels of running around like a horny teenager banging every 20-something woman that comes across his path. All I can say is it's men like Jon Gosselin that give ALL men a bad name. It's my opinion that he should grow up, shut up and help his wife raise the eight children that they brought into this world.

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