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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Tornado Hunters" and Tim V what the hell is wrong with you?

Thought that some of my readers might enjoy the trailer for the show Tornado Hunters and Part 1 & 2...stay tuned for part 3 and more!!!!!
I expected to post here last night regarding the situation that happened on ST but I was simply way to tired and did not have a chance. So I thought I would at least address one thing that I am itching to ask: First of all to Mr. Tim V.
what the hell kind of "forum" are you running over there anyways?
As someone who still has a little respect for you, I am asking you to grow some balls and pull the trigger and fire some of those pricks! What I am refering to is the forward and blatant bullies you have listed as your "Mods" I have no respect for people like that and as I said in in the forum last night, unlike driving, for me, it is not a privilage to be a memebr of ST. It is a privilage that ST has me for a member.
Your forum is not the be all end all that you and your "mods" think or want it to be. The only difference between your forum and the likes of others is the fact that you, Tim V, and your mods have turned into a SOCIALIST FORUM.
What a joke! What the hell is wrong with you Tim?
Care for a rebuttle Tim?

Below is my video, enjoy what real chasers do!


Anonymous said...

Does tim eveN chase stOrms? It seems like all he does is stir the shitpot by doin things like spliting the comMunity Into two categeries of chasers, he aSsigns mods wHo are bearely old enough to drive MuCh less chase storms and then openS the forum that Was once a mecca of infomatin to evEry rug rat who waTched storm Chasers tha show on disc
he is A prob And need to adDres you

Joey K said...

Well said. Enjoyed the videos, awesome stuff!

Ima said...

I've lurked @ ST off and on for years, but never joined. It looks like that was probably for the best, especially since I'm just a lowly spotter & am not welcome there anyway. (Oh, sure, they'll take my money- but that's beside the point.)

It's not a very welcoming place- in fact, it's intimidating as hell (doubly so, since I'm female and it's mostly a "good ole boy" crowd). It's certainly not a place for me, anyway...

The old school crowd appears to have abandoned the place & is hidden away in its tightly moderated fortress, away from the filthy hoi polloi, peasants, slaves, and other lowly undesirables. The remainder reminds me a lot of the cool kids' clique in high school fighting amongst themselves over who dissed who.

Either way I guess it doesn't matter, except that as a lurker I can't view any of the "Forecasts & Nowcasts" threads.

PS- I always enjoyed your posts, Lanny- along with those of Shane Adams. Apologies for using my "troll handle" to post, but it's the only anonymous identity I can use at the moment.