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Monday, November 17, 2008

NC tornadoes and wildfires in the west!

A tornado outbreak in NC killed 2 people and injured many more over the weekend. Normally I would not post about stuff like this but these tornadoes hit in the early morning hours when most people are sleeping....they could not have come at a worse time.
At this point it looks like there are two dead of which are an elderly lady and a young child.
I was planning on posting some radar shots of the storms as they moved through the area but am having trouble with the NDC and uploads....if I can upload some later, I will post them when I get a chance.
After seeing the radar it appears the tornadoes were embeded in a line of severe, LEWP type stuff but did show good SRV throughout the tilt.
I have heard media reports that some people had no warning at all and all I keep thinking is come on people!
Of course they had no warning.....most of the damage was in rural areas, some, as noted by a weathercaster in the local area did not even have tornado sirens. Not to mention the fact that these storms were moving into the areas at the worst time of the "night", when everyone is sleeping. The SPC and local NWS did have a tornado watch out for the area at the time.....IMO, just a bad situation happining at a really bad time.
You can click on the link below to see local coverage out of the area.
Also of major concern are the wildfires in California, below is a graphic of wildfires still burning as of this morning.

One of the fires was threatning Oprahs house as well as actors such as Rob Lowe who had to escape when the fire got very close to his home.
Below are some pictures I pulled from getty images and one is from a friend of mine who is a freelance photographer in the area.....they tell the whole story!

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Dan said...

This is the second deadly November tornado outbreak in eastern NC in two years, the last one being in 2006. They've had other significant outbreaks in the fall as well - including part of the November 1992 outbreak that also killed 2. There was even a minor outbreak last September. With that history it's amazing that more people don't take notice.