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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Greensburg tornado and the

Greensburg.....we say that word and destruction comes to mind. For anyone who happened to be on that beast knows how big it was, but some of the latest info and data suggest that it might have been bigger than what we thought.A paper by Less Lemon and our very own, Mike Umscheid has cast new light on the extremes of the Greensburg supercell/tornado(s) and just how big the tornado(s) really were. The paper can be found here: Since the Greensburg event, there have been questions as to how the Greensburg tornado "stacked" up against other large tornado events such as the May 3, 1999 Moore/OKC event. This paper goes into detail regarding both events and of real interest to me at least, is the fact that the Greesburg tornado had such a stronger gate to gate across a set diameter: "138 kts and a shear of 237kts or 121.9 m/s across a 2 km diameter." The paper includes some great pictures of the tornado as photographed by Dick M, Mike Scantlin and others and even has a first hand account of the event from ground zero. This is a must read for anyone who was involved with the event or just wants to know more about it.

On to other seems that the 3 giants of the auto industry met with government officials yesterday. With their hands out asking for money acting like some homeless drunk and dressed like well.....the rich pricks they are, someone forgot to inform them that it might be a bad idea to fly in on the company jet. Of course some of the Democrats were all over them asking about the flight.... It was almost funny until I heard that the jet flight in costs around $20,000 ONE WAY!!!! They spend $40,000 so they can go beg the government for money for all of the bad decisions they have made.
When the government approved the $700 billion to "help" out our economy I was totally against it and I still am and this "buy out" is no different.
Let them go bankrupt....yes it will cause job loss and yes it will be tough and yes it will take a while to come back from but as we sit right now with the proposed options, the ends do not justify the means. Another 25 million?
Steve miller(OK) had a great post explaining all that would/could go wrong with if we were to go ahead and approve the 700 billion and one of the things we agreed on was that companies like this would end up asking for money from the federal government. More money, more money, more money, that all these bloodsuckers want any more!!!!

Say no to 25 more million!!!!!!!!!


Jeff Smith Photography said...

I agree with you, the big 3 have made some big mistakes, but most of their problems are due to the recession....people are just not buying new cars. That situation will hopefully upright itself with gas prices where they should be. That said, Ford is in the best position with the most cash on hand right now. If Ford fails, then there will be tons of jobs lost, including mine(I sell Ford parts, btw). While GM and Chrysler may run out of cash by the end of the year, Ford will be able to go into 2009 with a little cash, and hopefully can recover. I am concerned, but I agree that there are steps that each automaker can still take to avoid failure. A bailout should be a last resort. And BTW, did our brilliant politicians grill the bankers like they did the big 3? No, and that was 700 BILLION!!

Jeff Smith Photography said...

I forgot to mention that you found a great writeup on the Greensburg storm...great job & great job to Mike & Les!! You and the other guys (Dick, Darin, and others) provided a valuable service to the residents--even risking your own lives trying to get in & help those folks. Hat's off to ya!!