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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Winds of change and Deer season

Not much to blog about latley....elections are just about over and at this point I find no real point in getting political as we will no doubt get screwed with whatever the outcome. Some believe that Obama is the next big thing and maybe he is, with basically stealing the nomination right under the nose of Mrs Clinton it would appear he might be....and I am a Democrate!
Others believe that McCain is the lesser of two evil's......who knows.

I still have not killed a deer yet, I have seen plenty and could have taken a doe or 2 but just not what I am looking for. But bow season runs till Jan. so hopefully I will get a chance a good deer before then.

Got to see episode 2 of stormchasers and much as I said the first time, I still think the show sucked at least as far as production. Once again Reed was the highlight.... I loved the bathroom issue, now thats what real chasing is . Ronan fianlly let his true self out which I loved and in knowing him personally I think he should do it more often.
please disregard my spelling as I am at work and in a hurry!

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