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Friday, October 24, 2008

Forecasting Links and Blog Changes

I have added some forecasting links to the blog, they are listed to the right. These are the links that I use most often. Of real interest is the WRF 4km as well as Reeds new page, Twister Data.
I also changed the layout of the blog.....the old one I was getting pretty tired of and just wanted a little change. Should be getting a date soon on the chaser get together with Jeff Smith, as soon as we nail down a date I will post it. Not much going on in my world right now, deer season is upon us and I have been in the treestand as much as the wife will let me. I have not taken a deer yet but have seen quite a few. I usually have a doe in the freezer by now and working on my buck but I just have not had much time with work and all.
Looks like our "fall season" went south as we have not really had much of one at all. It seems that each time we had a system with good dynamics we have just been too stable. Generally we have a few good chases in September and October but this year has sucked.
Probably the only good thing going is the price of gas right now....much of Oklahoma and Kansas have seen falling prices with $2.29 a gallon the going rate. Of course these falling prices are directly related to our tanked economy, which I might add, took another big hit today.
And now, the talks are that the 700 billion dollars may not be quite enough to help our economy as they thought it would. Ya think??????? Sometimes you have to wonder just where "these guys" come up with this stuff.
I Think I will go have an adult beverage now

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