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Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama, Storm Chasers and chasing storms midweek

The election is just about in its 11 hour and as I have said before it is really the lessor of two evils.
Steve Miller has a very interesting post on his blog with a few points about Obama which I really liked so I thought I would include them here. Please keep in mind, I am a democrate, not a republican but I will not vote for Obama and if you were smart you would not either and her are a few reasons why:

If you have no aspirations to ever be anything more than what you are right now, vote for Obama.
If you think slow-ass government should be in charge of keeping you healthy, vote Obama
If you don't think you will ever own a small business and like being the "worker bee", vote Obama
If you have gone to school for years and years to be where you are today and don't mind that extra $7500 (if you make 250K+) being taken out of your check and redistributed to those who refuse to work for their living, vote Obama
Want your Social Security tax increased or extended? Vote Obama
If you want to leave Iraq high and dry after rocking their world as they knew it, vote Obama (think New Orleans, post Katrina - Gov't assistance will just up and leave)
Someone breaks into your home and threatens your family and you shoot them - you go to jail under Obama's plan. There is no self defense allowed, vote ObamaLast: Do you really think someone who has never authored a Bill in Senate qualifies to be the leader of the free world?

On to other things, The third episode of Storm Chasers aired last night and to my surprise, I was pretty pleased with the show. Of course there was still the stupid love/hate thing between Josh and Sawn which I just do not understand why they feel the need to try to push the drama....seems to me that we been there and done that way too many times. For the most part though, it was a pretty good show.....I actually loved how Reed and company seem to take the lead from Josh.
I personally respect Josh and all his work but I think he is a pompass jerk who is full of himself, so for me, it was nice to see a possible change in leadership!?!???
Cant wait till next sunday to see what happens next.

Looks like we could have a shot at some severe weather the middle of this week, posted below is the 60 hour 850mb run as well as tempature and dew point and EHI run that I pulled off of Reeds site Looks like there could be a chance at a few supercells and then a strong squall line should sweep across the area. Will be keeping an eye on this system and will post more as it comes closer

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