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Monday, October 13, 2008


Finally got a chance to post some new pics....some I just recently took and some are back from this summer with the kids. I am really enjoying the Nikon and the new filters. The picture of the mountain was taken in the Glass Mountains in Western OK with the circluar polarizing filter on and the neutral density filter as well. I have also been trying to use the off camera flash a little more but am having limited success with exposure. Here are a few pics below. You can see more of my pics at: Hope you enjoy!
Kingman KS lake sunset

Tornado near Russell KS

My daughter Rylie with here first fish

Brandon and Rylie "love'

Rylie play with the garden house at poppys house!

What is left of a storm in central KS

"The Swings"

Downtown Tulsa

The Glass Mountains

Mr. cougar.. B.A OK

My daughter Alex and a little fun with photoshop

"The Rose"

Storm near Tulsa

Rylie "sniffing a flower"


Dying Kansas supercells

Mr. Tiger.... B.A OK


Jeff Smith Photography said...

Nice pics Lanny!! Sure do need to get me a DSLR!! Maybe Santa Claus will bring me one!! Great job!

mnwxchaser said...

Howdy Lanny...thanks for stopping by my blog. Things are going really well up here...some better late season action would have been nice but taking in the few remaining nice days we have before the snow falls.

Awesome pics BTW.

Shane Adams said...

I love the downtown Tulsa shot...that's a postcard.

Paul said...

Awesome colors Lanny! esp. the dying storms.