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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SN And The Writings Of Mr. Shane Adams

For those of you who don't know or have not heard, it appears we have a severe issue with a few people doing really dumb stuff with the Spotter Network. This includes giving false reports of severe weather/tornadoes via the SN. Please see ST thread: (who is bobby cookie?)

Now I am a member of SN but have yet to really use it as I have been unable to get the GPS running and of course with the tours I did not have much time to really set it up this season.
However, I am familiar with it and familiar with the membership procedures required to gain access. Without trying to explain my thought process in depth regarding SN, I have to say, that I, personally like and think what Tyler A. has is a great product.
I would have never thought back 1991 in my early days of chasing we would be able to basically give reports via any Internet connection and have all of the functionality of such a product, but with any kind of the "latest/greatest" comes the nasty little issues we are dealing with.

On that note, If you have not had a chance to read or look at Shane Adams blog, I would encourage everyone to do so. Shane has a wonderful way with words and no doubt has a the writing ability that some authors would kill for. With his basic blue collar text, I have found myself hitting his blog just about everyday to see if there are any new posts or drama he might be discussing at the time. Not only do I find his blogs very interesting and informative, my wife has jumped on the ship and also checks his blog for the latest that may be going on in the weather world.
I personally do not know Shane but I respect him and his way with words. When Randy and I did our show 'Tornado Hunters" for Tru tv, Shane was one of the few that did not hammer us or our ability on Storm Track as so many did. For that he also has my respect.
Without seeming to blow sunshine up his ass, I think very highly of him....he seems to be one of the most PASSIONate (no pun intended) chasers I have come into contact with and as I said,
I would encourage all to check his blog out on a regular basis as you never know what you may get.

On to the looks like we may see some action if models verify during the Sat-Sunday
time frame. Still a ways out so I am not going to start jumping up and down but will keep my eye on this possible system.
Deer season has started so I may not have a chance to keep up with things on the weather front. As some of you know, I have got the stands up and got my bow all tuned up so I hope to get lucky before long.

As Dick M. says: written poorly by me

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