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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well the first episode was shown tonight and my thoughts are the same as they were last year.....this show SUCKS! Let me make it very clear right now, there are a few that I really like on the show...Reed Timmer and company did a wonderful job as expected, infact, Reed WAS THE SHOW!
After being lucky enough to be in Tornado Hunters, I know what it is like trying to deal with ill informed and sometimes very stupid producers. Both Randy and I were put into situations when we did the show, but we held onto our guns as far as how the show should go and how the truth should be told, not only about the video but our story as well.
This was certainly not the case with this years Storm Chasers or even the last few years.
The first episode itself basically had the same "flavor" as in years past with all the same stupid ideas all over again, "non truthful" video (out of order), bad story line and what was/is Sean Casey thinking? I will refrain from telling the story from near Glenn Elder this year Sean!
As far as I am concerned, the best thing Discovery did for this "show" was bring in a real chaser and Reed and company were the highlight of the night for sure.

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