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Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Tornadoes Rampage"

Another tornado show is planned to air on Aug. 11th on The Discovery Channel called "Tornadoes Rampage". This show features some of my video from the Mulvane event in 2004 as well as a host of other tornado video from other chasers. As usual I am not real excited to see it as you never know exactly what the production company is going do to with it or how they will play it. Speaking of production companies, it seems that quite a few have been searching for video for the next go around of tornado shows and have been hell bent on getting it at the lowest dollar possible. I have delt with MANY production companies over the years and for the most part I have not had any real bad dealings excluding some copyright issues. However, as of late it appears that many other chasers have been bascially screwed by some of these production companies. For those who are interested, I encourage you to read DM blog on the matter. And as usual Dick tells it like it is and I could not agree more. It seems to me that everyone (chasers) keeps bitching about selling video or the lack thereof and the currect price or going rate. All the while selling there own video for pennies on the dollar or even giving it away: i-reporter, CNN and shit like that and then bitching because they can not make any real money.
I do not understand any of this....if you want to make money doing what you love....STOP GIVING IT AWAY!!!!!
The other option would be for the majority of chasers to set a real going rate and to stick to it. Of course this would never happen due to human nature as the need to "undercut" someone just for self promotion will always prevail over any possible good for the fellow chaser/man.
This is what makes me so sick about the entire chase community, we have those who represent the above mentioned "good natured chasers" and those who do not, both of which we see posting on other pages, bloges and websites and in reading those postings we can see that basically those "chasers" are nothing more than a bunch of dicks. And some people wonder why I was ever involved with The Outlaw Chasers and why Randy and I ever chased together or why I did not/do not post much on ST.
It is the pot calling the kettle black! And I for one do not care to be a part of it at all.

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DM said...

I had a lady for "Tornadoes Rampage" tell me she was EATING UP unlimited use for $250.00 solid. LOLOLOL. I, of course told her that she would not be getting that, and they didn't even QUESTION my pricing and agreed to it.

Only one time have we gotten screwed by selling video, and that was our first time in 2005...didn't take me long to figure out that I'm going to either 1. Get the price I want or 2. Walk away. I've walked away plenty of times and the LEGIT companies who want your shit and who don't carpetbomb every youtube user or chaser in the world, will pay you what it's worth.

What have you been up to, man? Eric rang me the other day, then I took a nap and realized he called me a couple of times after he wanted some nowcasting...