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Friday, August 22, 2008


Tropical Storm Fay

Major flooding going on right now in Central and Northern Florida and as seen in the pictures it is as bad as it looks! Military crews have had to help rescue quite a few people with some areas receiving over 18 inches of rain!!!!
As seen on the WSR 88D from KLMB below, a few locations have even received over 22 inches total! Tropical Storm Fay is no doubt a history making storm as some of these areas have not received rainfall amouts like these in years and probably will not again for many more years.
I am very surprised that the major networks are not reporting more about we have a major historical flooding event and CNN is yammering about Obama's possible running mate, all the while the good people of Florida are trying anyway they can to get out of the flooded areas!
Another reason I do not work in the media anymore!
It looks as though Fay will be with us for a bit longer as she spins along the Florida coast, hopefully she will not make to much of a southern turn and gain any strength.
Below I have posted another radar grab from my StormLab of TS Fay with the hopes it will help to show just how big and strong she really is.

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