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Friday, August 29, 2008

Major US landfall?

As I sit here looking at data from the NHC... I have to say that I am pretty amazed with the forecast track of Tropical Storm Gustav. The majority of the models are pretty much paiting a bullseye very near New Orleans! Of course this could all change and probably will but interestingly enough the HWRF model not only paints the "sin city" as taking a close hit, it also is suggesting that Gustav will make landfall with winds nearing 150mph which is a very strong cat 4 hurricane!!!
As we all know this would be a worst case type thing but remembering that hurricane Katrina was only a cat 3 when she made landfall....not a good thing!
This could be a life threatning situation for people along the gulf coast most paticulalry LA and TX.
Then there is Hanna which at this point is still just a TS but also looks to gain strength as it moves slowly to the Northwest.
Looks like we could be dealing with another year like 2004!

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