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Friday, August 29, 2008


I finally got the website fully updated with video and pics from this season (2008)
which can be seen at: We also got the new 2009 tour dates posted and a highlight video from this year as well.
It was a great year and I would like to thank everyone who booked a tour with us this year, we filmed a total of 36 tornadoes and had so much fun....thanks to our film crew for being cool with us even when we drove off and left you guys!!! Tak, you guys were great!
Now on to bigger and better....looks like we will have FULL Hurricane chase tours starting this year, I will post more on the website and here on the blog in a few days. We will aslo be posting more video on the website with full links to play/purchase with id codes as well. Some of the video has NEVER been seen and hopefully will prove to be interesting enough to purchase for all media as well as anyone interested.
Keeping my eye on Gustav right now....looks like could be a major hurricane!!!

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