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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Gustav has now reached category 4 strength with winds of 145pmh!
Higher gust have been noted and interestingly the central pressure is only 924mb which is not that low for a Cat 4 hurricane. I would suspect that Gustav will decrease in strength as it crosses/hits Cuba however, at this point I do not see anything to stop him from gaining strength again as he inters the Gulf of Mexico. This is an extremely dangerous situation!!
Some of the models are even hinting at winds speeds nearing category 5 strength after Gustav gets into the warm waters of the Gulf, also of major concern is just where he will make landfall on the United States. Some models bullseye LA and some paint Eastern Texas but with Gustav being a few days out it is still hard to tell. There a reports coming out of Western Cuba of storm surge nearing 15 feet...definitly a major situation unfolding....we will be keeping our eye on Gustav and have plans to possibly intercept him.
I will post more with later updates.

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