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Friday, September 19, 2008


Well it is now official, I no longer work in the media! After more than 6 years busting my ass doing my thing with the weather and news, an emmy nomination, OAB awards and many SPJ awards I have decided that it is no longer something I want to be a part of.
For the most part it was a hell of a ride, I had a great time and learned a lot from many people, many thanks go out to so many people too many to mention in this post.
I think a lot of my decision was probably based upon Greensburg not to mention my stress level, for those who have really worked in the media you know what I am talking about!
As it stands, I have secured a position in the telecommunications field which is what my degree is in anyways. I still plan on chasing and running the tours but for the most part I think I will slow down a bit on everything and just try to get back to basic and start enjoying the family and life in general a little more.
Like Dick M says...written poorly by me.

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