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Friday, July 18, 2008

Extreme Chase Tours

I just got finished putting together a highlights of sorts of this season that includes a few of the tours. I have posted it on youtube as well as on the website
Some of the video I could not use due to the issues with the production company as well as tv-asahi and the production they did while on tour with us but it still has a few good shots including when we got hit by the weak tornado! I also plan on posting a few more various pics when I get a little more time. I have posted the new 2009 tour schedule on the website and plan on posting more pictures there as well.

Looks like we have finally set up in a true summer pattern with most of the activity way up North. SPC has the Northern plains in a slight risk for the next 3 days and look for that not to change anytime soon. Slight tornado risk today most particularly in WY where WRF had some decent winds and helecity values nearing 100M2/S2. Also looked like the CAPE values were there with values about 1500j/kg and with the slight upper support I would not be surprised to see a few tornado reports and then it looks like a HUGE MCS bulge after 03z. WRF is showing the MCS pushing all the way into KS which may be a little to strong but will have to see.

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Jeff Smith Photography said...

Sweet! Sure wish I could go with ya:)