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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Pool

Nikon D-80 f/5.6 1/500 ISO 100 18-135mm with off camera fill flash, CP filter
Here is another shot of my son in the pool swimming and "catching a few rays" The more I play with the Nikon the more I really like it. I just recently purchased a few filters for it as well as an off camera flash by sunpak. I am very impressed with the matrix metering of the D-80 and the 11 point auto focus. It seems to make things so much easier changing from matrix to spot and switching back. The D-80 is the sibling of the D-200 with the same sensor and it also has the same metering but it does have a few options the D-200 does not have. I am really liking the camera and only wish I had a true telephoto for it so I could grab those wide shots. With no weather really going on I plan on shooting quite a bit more and posting more various pictures instead of just weather pics.

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