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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Dolly is now in the warm waters of the Gulf packing winds close to 60mph and it appears that she may make landfall in far Southern TX or Northern Mexico. National Hurricane Center is projecting her path a little further South than the last run however, it appears that Dolly could make a slight turn to the NW given the lack of upper support to push her any further South.
Corpus Christi to Brownsville looks to be the areas most likely for landfall assuming Dolly does take a turn to the NW.
Outer rain bands should start hitting the Gulf coast of TX later today and of course this could increase the tornado potential. Some of the most intense tornadoes that I have personally seen during hurricane season have come from these outer bands.
A good example would be durring Hurricane Francis South of Melbourn, people in these areas need to pay attention to the weather the next 12-24 hours!
Latest reports have included the evacuation of a few oil rigs off the coast, of course one has to wonder what this may do to gas prices?!?! As of right now it looks like Dolly may slow down just a little and if this does happen there would be a greater chance she would increase her strength to hurricane status.... Something to keep our eyes on for the next few days!

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