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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Extreme Chase Tours

Well we finally ended the tour...what a hell of a couple weeks. We filmed 36 tornadoes in 2 weeks and the great thing is most of them were in Kansas and Oklahoma! Although sometimes I felt like a ping pong driving back and forth from Wichita, Hill City and Tulsa. But it was a great run and we had a lot of fun.
Many congrats to all those who got some great video, I know Randy got some stuff that is crazy....he actually got hit by the Hoxie tornado(s) and got his windshield sucked out all the while Lisa was being sucked under the truck by the tornado! Some really crazy stuff!
A lot of posts on ST about this kind of stuff...and as usual the "old" bastards are still screaming about it giving storm chasing a bad name and look. Of course, it is still as much of a load of shit today as it was last year and the year before. While it is probably true that some day a chaser will die from a tornado directly or otherwise, so is it true that people will die this year in a plane crash, walking down the road, riding a bike or many various other things we do every day.
The "stormchase community' in my opinion is filled with so much crap these days and it looks like it will not change any time soon which is no wonder why I try to keep keep a low profile however, for those that got to see our show Tornado Hunters....I will not change the way I chase and make no apologies for how I chase or the person I am!
As for Doswell and company, bitching about it does not help, if the old bastards really think chasing is going to hell in a hand basket why not help by "mentoring" and the like instead of hammering and criticizing everyone?
Seems to me that this would help a lot

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Steve Miller TX said...

Congrats on the successful season! Oh, and BINGO, right on the money about the other "crap". ;-)