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Monday, June 16, 2008

Severe weather and flooding!

Finally had a chance to pull the Nikon out tonight an take a few pics of some severe storms that rolled through the Tulsa area tonight. I have not really had a chance to shoot anything due to the tours but tonight I had a few hours to kill and the storms made for a few good pics with all the lightning. I shot the above pic in RAW mode with my Nikon D-80 and an 18-135mm NikKor lense, I love the camera but seldom get to use it enough. The lense is okay but much like any tele it gets a little "dirty" when its wide open at 18mm and it pays to shoot in raw.
The storms(MCS) that went through the area dumped quite a bit of rain with a few places recording almost 5 inches! I plan on going out later today to see if there is any good flooding going on with hopes that I will find something isolated and not anything like what they had in Kansas or around the Springfield area a few days ago.

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