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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tornadoes!, LP supercell and no power

May 29
Eric and I ended up on tail end charlie in North Central Kansas after a long wait just south of the KS/NB border. Saw the supercell go up west of us over by Osbourn...talked with the "guru" and played the last storm on the line and got right up under the "belly" of the beast. Finally got our first decent low contrast tornado just north of Tipton KS with an amazing collar cloud wraping around. The first tornado was on the ground for about 4-5 minutes before finally lifting.
Second tor droped about 2 miles northeast of Tipton and was brief. All in all not bad for the tour.
May 31
Played Northeast Oklahoma yesterday and got a brief tor in Osage county and treated the tour to a wondeful LP with great structure. Drove back to Tulsa and woke up to 60-70 mph winds and no power. Here it is almost 3:00pm and still no power. I hate red tape politics, which is no doubt what this is. For those who dont know, we had a hell of an ice storm come through back in December...killed our power for 9 days. Our local electric company was said to "improve" our grid so that it would not happen again or at least not as I type this there is almost 200,00 people without power in Tulsa right now. And they say its nothing to do with politcs....If I were an elected official, I would have somebodys balls in a vice!

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DM said...

Did I say that? Surely, you have me confused, I am a respectable man who has been chasing for _ years and would never dream of saying something like that! ;)