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Monday, March 12, 2018

How To Receive Severe And Tornado Warnings

Been super busy with engineering the electronics for #PACRITEX 2018 Tornado Research Mission, so I have not had a chance to blog much. But with severe weather season basically almost upon us, I thought I might write a quick blog post regarding receiving severe weather warnings.

So how do you receive weather warnings and watches? This would include severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings? Many folks still rely on the outdated outdoor siren - but I can tell you first hand that there are many issues with receiving tornado warnings this way. I'll not go into detail (but supposes you were in a part of your house and couldn't hear that siren? See where I a going with this?)

The BEST way to receive any kid of life threatening warning is via an NOAA weather radio. Yes, you can monitoe your local media outlets, but what happens if you lose power and do not have a back up battery radio? TheNOAA weather radio will alert you to all of the latest info at your fingertips and it uses the SAME technology. We utilize a NOAA weather radio in every one of our Storm Chasing Tour Vehicles for Extreme Chase Tours while on tour - and of course, we also have one at our home as well.

Speaking of the Tornado Chasing Tours, we have been running a $200 discount special which is still current. If you are interested in going on the most personal and the most affordable storm chasing tour and Tornado Tours Vacations, we would love to have you come storm chase with us this season.
Many of our tours are booked full but we still have some limited seating and day tours that are available to you. So if interested, please check out our website and see what storm tours are still open, and then hurry and reserve your seat today! I'll put the link to Extreme Chase Tours below.

As severe weather season ramps up, please don't neglect getting an NOAA radio - it could very well save your life or that of your family!

To see more about our storm chasing tours and how to become storm chaser or go on a tornado chasing tour, please check out our website link below: 

And if you are interested in science and our current in-situ tornado project, please check out for more info.

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