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Thursday, February 1, 2018


Extreme Chase Tours is now offering a $200 discount on all of our open remaining
2018 Storm Chasing Tours! We currently have many tours that are booked full and very limited seating on our remaining open tours including:
Great Plains Tour 1
Great Plains Tour 2  and our Northern Plains Photography Tours.

If you've ever had an interest in going on the most personal and affordable vacation of a lifetime, filled with excitement, energy and education, then our Storm Chasing Adventure Tours are perfect for   you!

Our storm tours are smaller - with no more than 4 guests per vehicle! We do this so that we can truly spend one on one time with each one of our tour guests. Answering questions, teaching them how to read radar, the in's and out's of forecasting weather, and storm chasing safely. We truly are the most personal tour company in the business and we strive to please our guests.

With over 100 years combined storm chasing and meteorology experience and we are severe storm experts! This is the reason why we have a 90% tornado success rate and a 77% guest return rate.
Our motto since we started the business back in 1999 hasn't changed - we believe in quality more than quantity.

From checking each guests hotel room every evening to answering questions about the weather to giving our customers exactly what they have paid for in a fun and exciting way, we want you to have the best storm chase vacation possible!

If you have ever wanted to see a tornado or severe weather, we can certainly help! Feel free to email or call us directly @ 918-859-0248 for additional info.
Please feel free to check out our website for more information as well

Hurry and book your Tonado Chasing Tour Vacation today!

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