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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Major Blizzard And Possible Severe?

As noted on my FB and twitter posts, a large, strong storm system will affect the High plains with a major Blizzard from eastern Colorado through western Kansas and western Nebraska. Snow totals are forecasted to be 15 plus inches in some areas, although I am not sure these high numbers will verify as both the NAM and the GFS are depicting lower amounts at this time. Still though, with winds in the 30-50MPH range white out conditions would be possible even with lower snow amount totals.

Interestingly enough, while some folks will be dealing with heavy snow and blizzard conditions, we will also have a possible severe weather and tornado event a little further south into Oklahoma and Texas. We can see in the graphic below that very strong winds at 500mb or 18,000 feet are forecasted to push around an upper level low pressure system helping to set the stage for severe weather.

After looking at the latest model runs, it also appears that central and parts of eastern Oklahoma will receive some decent rainfall total's ..some locations could receive over 2 inches of much needed moisture!

Folks in these areas need to pay attention to the weather starting today through Saturday morning. It could certainly be a very messy weekend for some. I may try post more about this as I have time or as conditions warrant.

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