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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Deaths, severe weather, Osage tornado, MOC, and fishing

It is that time of the year again where I get busy with the tours and the weather and simply do not have much time to blog. I really wish it wasn't this way because I do enjoy blogging and letting my thoughts out to my readers. So to start off has been a very active severe weather month so far with over over 150 tornado reports in the last three days. Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and many others have seen some very violent weather and sadly some fatalities. Below are just a few radar grabs from a supercell in Greenville NC. The image below is a velocity image taken today (4-16-11) which is basically showing "which way the wind is blowing mode". You can clearly see the "couplet" right where the bright red color and bright green colors meet. This was producing a large damaging tornado at the time it was taken! Thanks to Mr. Jim Sellars for posting this image on his FB page. Jim is the Regional Skywarn Cord. for SW Missouri and is always on top of weather situations throughout the US. This was no exception. Of course this system actually started producing severe weather here in Oklahoma on the 14th. Below is some video I shot while intercepting a tornado in Osage County Oklahoma. I briefly observed a pretty decent cone tornado looking towards the Hominy area from just north of Cleveland OK. I lost sight of the tornado very quickly as it either got rain wrapped or dissipated. The National Weather Service in Tulsa just completed their damage survey from this event and have rated the tornado an EF-1 tornado. After leaving this storm I then raced back south and east to Sand Springs and headed south to Sapulpa OK on the next monster supercell. I had to punch the core of this beast and experienced quarter size hail with a few golf balls. Jeff scored a tornado east of Tulsa and Chad also scored big down in se Oklahoma near Madill. He actually intercepted 5 tornadoes so it was a great day for ECT excluding hearing about the deaths that happened near Atoka and Tuska. Jeff is doing another mission of compassion down to the area later today (Sunday) to try and help the folks out. Seeing some of the video from down there it is very bad to say the least! In looking at the latest model runs it appears that we will have our next possible severe weather/tornado outbreak in the Tuesday time frame from eastern OK through southern Missouri into Ill. I would encourage everyone who lives in these areas to stay tuned to local media for further information . Now on to other news besides the weather.....Laura and I took the twins fishing today at a local pond and had a blast! Brandon caught a small bass and so did Rylie, I actually think we all caught fish with Rylie's being the biggest one. We really had a great family time and I can't wait to go out again. I took some pictures but have yet to process them or even dump them on the desktop. When I have time I will try to post them soon.

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