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Friday, March 12, 2010

Nikon D90 pics

After months of not have a camera (I sold my D80 back in November) I finally upgraded to the new D90. Actually my wife got it for me for Val. day...thank you babe!
In selling my D80, I kept the MBD80 battery pack and my 50mm 1.8, so upgrading to the D90 was no big deal. Below are a few pics that I have shot with it. I am not sure how I like it....I thought it would just be a simple upgrade from the D80 but this is certainly not the case.
I have found that there are many new features that I am going to have to learn.
the D90 has HD video at 720i but I have not even really had a chance to play with it at all and besides, I have the Canon HV 40 for that. I am going to be shooting the twins birthday party this weekend with it and should be able to post some more pics and maybe even have time to give it a full review so to speak. Enjoy!


mnwxchaser said...

Are these with the 1.8 50?

Lanny said...

Yeah, a couple of them are, Bill.
Shot a few with the 18-105 kit as well.

Tommy Self said...

Very nice pics. I really like the one in black and white. I am shopping for a new camera as well for this season. Do all Nikons have this ability?