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Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Pictures and More Winter Weather???

A few pics of my daughter Alex that I took
Potential for another winter storm??

Going over the latest weather models, it appears that our next storm system will effect my CWA (mortheast OK) and southern Kansas Wednesday afternoon through Thursday night.
The above map via NWSFO in Norman, shows the possible position of the cold front early Thursday. As you can see, it appears that we could see some possible sleet and snow during this time frame as the current track of the low places it just south of the Red River in Texas However; depending on the track, we could be looking at some pretty good snow amounts or a possible significant ice storm.
At the very least we will probably see some sleet/ice late Wed and then turning over to snow early on Thursday morning.....old man winter is certainly not done yet!
Something to keep an eye on!!!


mnwxchaser said...

Nice use of depth of field in the pics. Have fun with the storm on Thursday. Glad we could supply you guys with the cold air on this one!

jolly said...

your pictures are very beautiful.......
Aman Toor