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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tips For Starting A Tour Business?? And Doswell Again?


Yes....I have been asked that question, and while I usually do not respond to such a question....who would? Thats like asking a millionaire to give you all their secrets!
I was somewhat taken back by that same question asked on ST. In short, here is my answer:

Do your own homework.

Also, Jeremy, do me a favor...come talk to me when you have really paid your dues and when you have really been in "our" little world for 15 years.
The one thing I can not stand is a fake and you sir are a fake.

Moving forward, it seems as though Uncle Chuck took offense to the direction my post was going regarding his age.
Please note Chuck: I was not criticizing your age necessarily, I was merely questioning some of the decisions you have made as of late. I mentioned your age as a possible indication of some of the stupid shit you do and say. But, least I forget that you know more than anyone about everything and being omnipotent certainly has it's responsibilities. I do understand the fact that you need to "teach" the whole world that your views are the only that matter and everybody needs to follow them, oh wait....that sounds like someone who we all should recognize....Saddam Hussein

But instead of beer it should read wine.

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