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Thursday, August 20, 2009


What a day mother nature just threw away yesterday! With all the meteorological conditions we had almost 6000j/kg, LIs -12, 350M2/S2 helecity values, 82% SARS Tornado, a tornado watch, the list goes on and on.....and NO TORNADOES! The worst part....only one real supercell.
I still have no real idea what exactly happened yesterday. With all the conditions it would have been and should have been easy for tornadoes to develop.
In fact, the 0z LMN sounding showed one hell of a hodo. The only problem I saw was weakness nearing 700mb but I have seen that before so I do not think that was the issue.
Whatever the reason does not really mater all it means tornadoes yesterday, but Chad Berryhill and I still had much fun. We took quite a bit of lightning photos/video with some of the most intense lightning I have ever seen. I will try to post some pics as soon as I can but right now I am tired and to busy.......
thanks to Mike Scantlin for giving us the heads up on the cell just south of Stillwater....we were not paying attention so thanks Mike. As always, thanks to Big Daddy for helping yesterday.
Im out for now


Chad Berryhill said...

Was a strange day.........the whole season was that. Lightning was crazy though ! I am just wondering if our weather scientist our thinking/looking for an answer that's complicated. Maybe it's simple and right in front of their nose. They might start thinking out of the box or back in it. HA ! Heck I have the answer, if you want to know just ask.

Caleb Golston said...

I just saw you on the Weather Channel. I attend OU and am fascinated by meteorology and tornadoes. Keep up the good work!