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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shane Adams, Bridget & Extreme Chase Tours day 3

Just now getting a chance to sit down and finally update the blog. The last few days have been very very busy in the weather world as well as in my little world. We have tours ongoing right now and it has been very stressfull for all of us but it has been good.

Kuddos to Mr. Shane Adams and Bridget for taking on such an "on the fly task"!!!!
For those that do not know, Shane and Bridget are currently guiding a tour for me and are in Hays Kansas right now with a Colorado target later today.
Today will be day 3 of the tour and although they have not seen a tornado yet (they have seen some great structure) I have a good feeling that they may see some action in northeast Colorado, northwest Kansas and southwest Nebraska as the upslope flow digs in. For those that might be interested, you can follow Shane and Bridget on the spotter network....they are listed under my name. I believe Shane has a target area around Fort Morgan and then east from there....hope they get some tubes tomorrow!

A big shout out to Mr. Chad Berryhill for bagging his first tornado in Missouri the other day and for helping me last night! BTW, thanks to Mr. Steve Miller OK and Hans for all the help the other day while I was "blind"...hope I didnt bother you guys too much.
Also thanks to the "Guru" for all the help....I had originally targeted northeast Colorado for later today but also saw the potential along the red river, I was pulled somewhat as to the best tornado potential for the day but I think I made the right call ....4 eyes are better than two!
And finally thanks to Mr. Jeff Smith...without your friedship none of this would have been possible!

On the home front... I hade to go back to the doc today for an issue I have been having with my eyes. As it stands, I have an infection in both my eyes and the doc had to put drops in my eyes and put me on antibiotics. Hopefully I will be better in a few days and back to work!

Thats it for now....I will try to update later today!

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mnwxchaser said...

Do you or the doc have any idea on where the infection came from? Back in 2007 I ended up getting blasted by sand from the inflow on that 5 22 cell. Was wearing my contacts at the time and ended up with scratches on the corneas in both eyes...guess what happened? Yup, after 3 weeks of antibiotics and 4 trips to the doc over 6 months, they finally completely healed. Hope yours goes better and quicker.