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Monday, June 22, 2009


As most people who read my blog already know, I own and run Extreme Chase Tours and have since its inception years ago.
Much like any other small business owner you start small but at some point you start grow and realize that expanding is the only option. With this growth also comes excitement as well as a new bit of responsibility, unless of course you are lucky enough to find a few people who know much about the field you are in or the product you are selling. Lucky for me I have found a few people that certainly need no introduction into the crazy world of weather.
The last 2 weeks have been pretty crazy and as most of the people who frequent my blog already know, I hired Shane Adams and Bridget to run a "last chance" tour due to us being overbooked. The tour was 6 days and probably could not have come at a better time as far as the weather. The month of May sucked but June was so much better and offered some decent up-slope flow in eastern Colorado and some surprises in Kansas.
Shane and Bridget did a wonderful job and in fact I could have asked for anything more! Shane did a great job forecasting basic target areas which allowed me to not "have to hold his hand" and was very very nice....not to mention I was able to finally focus on other things that I needed to get done. It was great!
Bridget did wonderful with guiding and dealing with the customer and basically helping with everything that goes along with guiding a tour. It was really a great feeling knowing that the tour was being run as I would run it.
Long story short, I have asked Shane & Bridget and Chad Berryhill to join Extreme Chase Tours full time. I was very excited when they said yes and have no doubts that 2010 will be a wonderful year!
Each person brings something special to the table and I am so Excited.
Chad Berryhill is basically a new chaser but has learned so much this season and I have spent much time with him and think he will be one heck of an addition to the team as well.
Look for more exciting news from Extreme Chase Tours coming soon!!!!


Steve said...


Me said...

Wow get to chase with THE Shane Adams? I have chased with Shane and this will be a treat to ANYONE who takes the tour

Chad Berryhill said...

We are going to have fun !!!!!!!!!!