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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tornado: "In The Line Of Duty"

For those that have been asking and interested, tonight is the airing of the the Storm Stories in which I participated in called: Tornado In The Line Of Duty. Most of you know that the story is about the deadly Greensburg EF-5 tornado that happened on May 4, 2007.
At the time I was working for KAKE as their severe weather reporter and photographer(stormchaser)
For all that know me, you know Greensburg means so very much to me for many reasons and I hope this show will reflect that. I have not been able to see the rough cut so I do know know how they "edited" the story or content but from the teasers I have seen, it should prove interesting.
The show is to air tonight at 7:00pm central time on TWC.
For those that are interested, I will be on SpotterChat before the show and then again after the show to do a Q&A session. Please feel free to join us at and sign up if your not already a memeber.

1 comment:

Steve Miller TX said...

I'll be watching this evening. They usually do a great job with such stories and hope they follow suit. See ya in spotter chat!!