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Sunday, February 1, 2009

A SUCCESS and Live in 2009!!!

Just wanted to post a quick thanks to everyone who came out to the Tulsa Chaser-fest, it was great meeting everyone and I had a wonderful time!
A big shout out to Jeff Smith for getting everything set up, the gathering would not have been possible without all his hard work!

I would also like to personally thank Justin Teague, Greg McLoughlin and company for coming was a great meet and visit with you guys.

I would also like to announce the coming of
For those of you who do not already know about is a brand new way to manage your video live! Please take a look at their website for more info:
I have decided that Extreme Chase Tours will be transmitting live on our website as well as to media outlets via ChaserTV this severe weather season and I am very excited about the possibilities.
I encourage everybody who might be interested in selling your video to check these guys out, the product is great and I have no problem in saying that THIS PRODUCT WILL BLOW AWAY THE COMPETITION!

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