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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Greensburg Tragedy and Advanced Storm Spotter Class

This Saturday, February 7 2009, I'll team up with famous KJRH Channel 2 meteorologist and storm chaser George Flickinger to present an advanced weather program in Mayes county Oklahoma. You are welcome to attend if you are a storm spotter, emergency or law enforcement. This program isn't for kids-- it's not a "family" or a "fun" show, but instead deals with advanced spotting techniques, survival and mental anguish.
My part of the program regards the tragedy of Greensburg and how we prepare. I will be showing some video that has never been seen before from that night.
Mr. George Flickinger will be doing an Advanced Spotter training class for all who attend and will also have some great tornado video from last year! I have seen his video and it is some really good stuff!!!!
If you are interested in attending, please contact Kevin Bruce via e-mail at:

Look forward to seeing everyone out there!

"Advanced Spotter Training/Greensburg review with George Flickinger and Lanny Dean. Sat Feb 7 at 7pm. NE Vo-Tech Center 5 and 1/2 mi west of Pryor on Hwy 20."

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