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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cuth, Couth...the "cuth" of some people on Stormtrack

Lone Grove radar signature

First of all some of you who read my blog already know how I feel about a few people who frequent ST. The majority of which are good people who have some knowledge about weather and stormchasing, however, some are nothing more than armchair chasers who, while they may be very well educated, have never chased much less really understand the big picture.
I think it would be safe to say that some do not even have an understanding of life in general except outside of "their world".
Because of this, I often post here on my blog about the stupidity of those people if for no other reason than to exploit their ignorance.
For me, there is nothing that makes me more upset than someone who tries to be-little a person because of their so called ignorance.
Such was the case with a couple of individuals on who posted on ST regarding the deaths from the tornado down in Lone Grove. The concept that somehow people are at fault because they died in a tornado is true ignorance to me. I believe in fate, God and the thought that when its your time, it's your time. To me, that's why the people died in Lone Grove.
As most people know, I struggled with why so many people died in Greensburg. How could people die with warning times in excess of 2o minutes? The fact is that it was their time to go.

After a tornado has done major damage and lives are lost, it seems that people jump on the band wagon and start screaming about how there should have been more shelters, how people should have taken the warning seriously......
And then the so called "educated" ones will even go so far as to place blame for the deaths with some even trying to use education and or way of life as a reason. Yes this included you Rdale.
And on that note, I have taken much heat from some for "getting way personal" in my blogs by naming names or by my "lack of caring" and "lack of professionalism" by calling it how I see it, and of course because of the "douche bag of the month ward"
Here is a news flash for those of you who have not already figured it out yet, I have nothing to prove to anybody and I don't owe anyone anything most particularly in the chasing/weather world. I have paid my dues and whether you like me or not, this is who I am.
I call things as I see them.....if this upsets you, don't read my blog, it's really very simple actually.
If you do not like or care for my opinion and do not want to hear what I think, don't listen to me.
I am not asking for acceptance, I do not feel as though I need any. Again, for those that truly know me, know the person I am, if you like me great, if you don't that's great as well, but don't be-little me because you hold a degree in meteorology all the while not having chased a day in your life.
This all goes back to the situation on ST where someone plainly stated that education/ignorance was the reason the people died in Lone Grove....and you received your degree from what institution????
Ignorance is the lack of knowledge, stupidity is the mentality that your better than everyone else.
From the Urban dictionary:
To have class, manners, or be polite.
I can't believe you just laughed at a retard, you have no cuth


You eith have cuth or u dont, you cannot attain cuth.
You got no cuth. You got alotta cuth comin at me like that. I admire your cuth.

You either have cuth or you dont, you cannot attain cuth.
You got no cuth. You got alotta cuth comin at me like that. I like your cuth.

Just so we are clear on the matter, I know it was/is not the correct way to spell the word, hence, using the Urban dictionary. For the few that actually took the time to tell me my grammar was not correct, next time please read the entire post before you get trigger happy and go on a witch hunt for bad spellers! I was simply trying to exploit Mr. Rdales thought process about educated people here in Southern Oklahoma. There has still not been a winner of the DB OF THE MONTH AWARD.....ARE YOU INTERESTED?


Anonymous said...

my vote goes to roger edwards since he hates black & stupid people read his blog. plus he wears awesome wolf shirts like these

mnwxchaser said...

Yep...funny how Rodney Dangerfield's one liners were funny and Rob's are, well, Rob's. I think he should try that same "accent" on-air and see what happens.

rdale said...

someone should start a poll on stormtrack to have me removed

lannydean said...
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Lanny said...

Boy thats classic Rdale.....trying post using my are a tool!